Makita 5704RK Circular Saw Review

The Makita 5704RK is a 1,200 watt handheld circular saw. The saw has a diameter saw blade of 190 mm, so you can saw up to 66 mm deep, you have the possibility of dust extraction, you have little vibration during sawing and the machine is also the quietest in the class of saws with … Read more

Makita SP6000J1 Review

Makita SP6000J1 is a precise diving circular saw for precise cutting. Ideal for installing equipment or laying plank flooring. Recommended for use with a guide rail. An engine power of 1,300 W, cutting power 56 mm. Speed can be set between 2,000 and 6,400 rpm. Guide rail included. Immersion with power and precision With the … Read more

Makita JV0600K Review

The Makita JV0600K is a versatile jigsaw from Makita. The saw has surprising cutting performance for an entry-level model. The saw is lightweight, has three pendulum positions, variable electric speed control and you can use it for mitre cuts. What does the Makita JV0600K do? With a Makita JV0600K jigsaw you can saw straight as … Read more

DeWALT DWS780 review

Circular saws are a standard tool when it comes to cutting wood. Purpose and frequency determine the choice of eligible devices. The selection ranges from hand-held circular saws with and without battery to table circular saws, which are mostly used professionally. The DeWalt DWS780 (230/240V) is a useful tool that is used to its best … Read more

DeWALT DW745 review

About DeWalt DW745: It is a lightweight tool, so you can easily transport it. It has steel protections against knocks and impacts in the work area. It has a guide based on a rack and pinion system fixed to the front and back of the table, which ensures that the guide remains parallel to the … Read more

Dewalt DWS779 review

DeWALT DWS779 is an amazing tool and is perfect for both professional users and Hobbyists.This product has lot of features and its precision in cutting and smooth handling will impress professional craftsmen, and its ease to use will impress DIYers. It has great safety features like built in Blade guard and Electric break which will … Read more

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